About Samrack Prestige Services

Samrack Prestige Services is an Errands Service Company that incorporates various Service Agencies to help assist organizations, families and individuals concentrate on their core objectives.

»We seek to Handle your TO DO LISTS.
» We provide you the means to BALANCE your organizations, family and career life.
» We provide you with an alternative option from your BUSY schedule to effectively manage your lifestyle by creating more TIME for you and your organization.

Samrack Prestige Services will do all your running up and down for you, do your errands and help you fit in where you are not able to due to the tight demand on your TIME. This will add value and balance in lifestyle; thus creating quality time to spend with the things or person that matters most in your life i.e. Family, School, Career.


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  1. Pls tell Rev. Chirles Kihiko Chege,I found his website & I & my wife we r soo glad for his Kenyan visit. + 254 724 072 334 is my cell fone No. & I ‘d like to speak to him. (Missionary John Waikinda Gathu) . He’s my Uncle

  2. Paul Momanyi says:

    Dear precious Servant of God.
    mighty Name of Jesus.I am writing From Kenya and it was by the grace of God that I visited the Internet and was privileged to find your contact. After prayerfully reading and studying your WebPages, I was spiritually charged, moved and thrilled.My spiritual electricity went stronger to find that you have what we need for spiritual growth. Right now I don’t feel like my feet are touching the ground because of the desire that has been ignited in me by reading your webpage. I humbly pray that the Holy Spirit visit your hearts and humbly spend time with us as our spiritual mentors. We hunger and thirst for your fellowship and teachings. If God provides the opportunity we beseech that brothers make a MACEDONIAN TRIP hereandhelp us. also remember the orphans we are taking care of in your prayers.A ministry well done by His faithful servants brings GLORY to Christ.Please bless us with a reply.God bless you.In whom we serve, Pastor Paul

  3. Dear Most Beloved Man of God Ministries International,

    Greetings to you in His precious name
    My name is  Sister Prasanthi Deevena. We came from Hindu family, my whole family dedicated to preach gospel. I have 25 years old. I am working at a bible preaching missionary at rural and slum diviseema areas Andhra Pradesh state India. We are conducting street meetings, cottage prayers, youth meetings. I completed P.G I never expect for any job. By faith I am doing my ministry. I dedicated my life to preach gospel four corners of India until my death with my team.
    We have an energetic outreach team we reach rural and coastal areas. In a month we Visit number of villages. We arrange street meetings, Seminars and convention. Church planting is the main Activity of our Gospel work, and relief and Development work. Many of our pastors do not have any Houses and also they have no constructed churches. They conduct the prayers in the attached houses, under Trees and sometimes on waysides. But we are Steadfast to see that the Lord’s work is done. We have no any connected with any organization and we have no Support from anywhere outside.
    We have an Orphanage in which we are looking after 30 children when we found them they were shelter less and away from comfort and parental love. We collect donations from our fellow Christians to meet their needs. We need some generous sponsors to take for these orphans. In fact their condition is very pathetic. Please remember them in your regular Prayers. for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.” Matthew 25:35,36

    As I share all these Things please take a step to visit India once and see our ministry to support us and encourage us. I know we cannot do the ministry single-handed your co Operation and encouragement will enable us to do a lot of ministry. If God reveals you some things about my Ministry could you please share it with me? I may be knocking at your door at an odd time. But I have the Promise knock it shall be opened. If you could kindly hear my knock at your door, please make convenience be opened, you’re kind generous door for me. Kindly visit my place India, I will arrange gospel meetings and pastors seminary. I Whole-heart fully invite you to India. Please see my Ministry; if you feel I deserve your encouragement Please take a kind step to lift me up, because I have been in a desperate condition. I earnestly need your Kind interference into my ministry. I wish to have your leadership, and guidance. I will sincerely and honestly follow your instructions to develop my Ministry in India. We will have a banker that you suggest me. If you wish I am here ready to send you all the pictures of my ministry. It is just to impress you to have opinion to visit me. If you could once visit me hope in the Lord there will be a lot of Improvement in our ministry. Please pray for us as we for you. I await your kind and favourable Response.

    Thanking you.

    AVANIGADDA -521122


  4. Dear Apostle Joseph Njuguna,

    Christian greetings in the mighty name of Jesus our Lord and savior.Maybe you feel surprise why i know you and your ministry.I found you and your ministry in the internet,there i found you and your own website.I am also glad to be able to contact you and your ministry.

    Apostle Njuguna,can you also extend your ministry here in my country the Philippines,by conducting a pastors,church leaders conference and evangelistic meetings here in my city and the region.I believe that through your ministry,you can bless and encourage the pastors,church leaders,church workers and even the churches here in my country and particularly here in my city and the region

    I do believe also that you have lots of spiritual truths that you could share and impart to the body of Christ here in the Philippines.

    I also believe that your ministry today is one of the instruments of God,who can bring healing and spiritual revival to the hearts of our people here and that our people also are hungry and thirsty of His word and in His presence.

    So,I am inviting you Apostle Joseph Njuguna to come in my country the Philippines,ministering the word of God to my church and the churches that are belong to my leadership here and my supervision.May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry. Looking forward to hear back from you.

    Your Co-Laborers In Christ,
    Pastor Advento

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