Fresh Aroma Ministry – Dallas, TX


You can write to us at:

All Nations House of Prayer Church/ Fresh Aroma Ministry Office
2108 Hurd Drive, # 100 Irving, TX, 75038

Phone: (469) 442-0508


Be Expectant because 2012 will be The BEST Year of Your Life !

Expectantly Yours For Overflow and Open Heaven throughout 2012

Prophetess Mwaka Twagirayesu, LL.B, M.A.
Founder / Visionary

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One Response to Fresh Aroma Ministry – Dallas, TX

  1. isaac makori says:

    Dear Brethren in Christ,
    We thank God for his love and mercies to us all in service. It has taken us along time praying to God to show and direct us to brothers and sisters to work with at these perilous times when Satan is driving and devising all ways to deceive humanity. Thank you for your decision to partner with us and help us. As in my approach here in Kenya we do the work of the Lord moving from door to door, doing crusades, and soul winning but we do face a lot of opposition of which we trust God in every step we do make in reaching the people.

    Our outreaches needs prayers and help most by getting bibles to give people here, because reading the word of God one can know who is God and his operations, we do meet desperate families and orphans who need help, for all his gifts are to be used in blessing humanity, in relieving the suffering and the needy. We are to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to care for the widow and the fatherless, and to minister to distressed and downtrodden. God never meant that the widespread misery in the world should exist. He never meant that one should have an abundance of the luxuries of life, while the children of others should cry for bread. Brother our cry and prayers are that please stand with us in prayer for the children here who call for help. With us we do have 15 orphan children whom we are trying to help though many are languishing in the villages and streets, but the ability to raise and provide for them is very small,please we need you help.

    Brothers, the result of the work of Jesus, as He sat weary and hungry, at the well, was widespread in blessing. The one soul He sought to help became a means of reaching others and bringing them to the savior. This is ever the way that the work of God has made progress on the earth. Let your light shine and other lights will be kindled.

    Lastly we do have a team called FOLLOW JESUS TEAM which brings live changing to the people by singing and praising during crusades, and worships do pray for them. Not forgetting that we need spiritual materials that is bibles mainly in our native language and support to the orphans with us.

    May God bless.
    Pastor Isaac.

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